Playful Puppy Brad Oldham Sculpture Stud

Owners Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin approach their craft in the same manner as they do their life: in collaboration. There's a flash of inspiration and they riff on possibility and narrative. Then the artists each seek his or her individual creative path to make it come to fruition. Brad sculpts and shapes clay figures to create a prototype involving intricate molds, welding, and casting waxes ultimately yielding brilliant stainless steel, bronze, aluminum or brass pieces. Christy builds the character of the piece - her medium is vivid imagination - bringing the story to life. What results is a sculpture that takes flight, like their iconic BIRD, to land in homes, neighborhoods, public spaces, and institutions where the rest of the poetic story unfolds. For more on Brad, click here. For more on Christy, click here.  


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