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Windy City

The Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile, Chicago, Illinois  |  Cast Resin with Composite Bronze Finish  |  86” x 52” x 24”

Nicknames stick when some power exists behind the idea, and it gains wide traction. Some may think that Chicago is known as the Windy City because the chilly gusts coming off Lake Michigan; the wind impacts all residents and visitors, unifying them in the same experience. There is also a theory that the name infers that Chicago politicians are full of hot air. Either way, Chicago has some powerful winds that Brad Oldham used to represent the vibrant energy and constant motion present on every street corner. Windy City shows residents holding onto a bus stop sign as the wind lifts their bodies and feet off the ground.

Hyatt Centric_8
Hyatt Centric_7
Hyatt Centric_6
Hyatt Centric_1
Hyatt Centric_5
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