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Whimsy Wise Michell Park Library Brad Oldham Sculpture
Whimsy and Wise Palo Alto b
Whimsy and Wise Palo Alto a
Wise Brad Oldham Sculpture selfie Mitchell Park Library
Whimsy Wise by Brad Oldham Sculpture Mitchell Park Library Palo Alto public art

Whimsy & Wise

Palo Alto, California  |  Mirror-Polished Stainless Steel and Concrete  |  40” x 28” x 28” (each owl)

The city of Palo Alto commissioned a series of owl sculptures for the entrance to the newly renovated Mitchell Park Library to protect the entrance. They knew that these 44-inch-tall sculptures would add interest and engagement to the building entrance. What they did not expect was the added benefit of stopping children leaving the library. Parents have let the library staff know that when their kids run out the front door, they often (safely) stop before they get to the street to visit with Whimsy & Wise.

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