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RWTM_Butterfly Moon
RWTM Reflection_LR

Running With The Moon

San Antonio, Texas  |  Stainless Steel, Steel, and Bronze  |  35’ x 36’ x 8’

Running with the Moon is an installation of a boy running along the river, pulling a crescent-shaped kite cantilevered over the water. The moon is lifted by the residents’ good work and deeds, while the boy sculpture represents the future pushing forward. The two intertwined forces “propel” the moon above the water.


Viewers will see that the 16-foot-diameter kite is elevated 19 feet off the ground and is comprised of 508 handmade butterflies. The brush-finished butterflies are 20% mirror-polished to contrast with the bronze material in the boy sculpture and allowing them to dance in the natural and internal lights.

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