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Mr Green Jeans photo by Brad

Lumen Light Team

The Lumen Hotel, Dallas, Texas  |  Stainless Steel and Steel  | 78” x 73” x 24” (one)

There is a bold and playful sophistication at the Hotel Lumen that is ripe for the artwork that enhances the story of this specific facility and the people who ale guests feel cared for. Lumen is a celebration of light and of life, and we looked to light to create a site-specific concept for this med-century modern styled hotel. Many people remember the colors of light via the acronym ROY G BIV. We created seven archetype of people who comprise the light at the Hotel Lumen along with a hotel mascot. The stainless steel sculptures are dynamic in that they pick up ambient light and colors, so it's worth viewing them both day and night to experience their various moods.

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