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Southlake, Texas  |  Stainless Steel  | 28' x 41’ x 30’

With a 41-foot wingspan, pointy horns, and an impenetrable 8-ton stainless steel body, this dragon isn’t cuddly, and it is entirely at home in Southlake, Texas. Community pride reaches a fever pitch for its high school sports in this Dallas Fort Worth suburb that brings to mind the television series “Friday Night Lights” when describing the Southlake Carroll Dragons pride.


Real estate developer Jeff Medici commissioned the dragon sculpture, Fury, to serve as a visual and community anchor for his mixed-use development in Southlake. Standing at 27 feet tall, the mirror-polished stainless steel dragon on a volcanic-rock-like steel and concrete perch captures the attention of more than 150,000 daily drivers on nearby Highway 114. Surrounded by retail, restaurants, hotel, and office space, Kimball Park’s ambiance was transformed with Fury—a timeless, fierce icon at a monumental scale. A beacon of local pride, Fury draws in residents and visitors alike.

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