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Southlake, Texas  |  Stainless Steel  | 28' x 41’ x 30’

In a small village near Florence, Italy, in the late spring of 1421, a boy walked along a hillside down to a stream to gather water. At the edge of the stream, he noticed a shimmering round stone that had not been there previously. The recent rains must have loosed it upstream, and it settled here at his feet. The weight was too light for a normal stone, and he could feel movement within as he lifted it. He could see his reflection clearly on the surface of the stone as he carried it home. 


Exactly 47 days later, the boy returned home from working with his father and was suddenly surprised to see what he thought was a bird inside his home. A closer examination revealed that it was not a bird but a small dragon. In his experience, dragons had only been spoken of in stories and myths. No one in recent times could provide an authentic account of a dragon. The boy and his family kept the growing dragon a secret for many years. By 1443, the dragons 22nd year of life, he doubled in size and was no longer able to be hidden from the world. With the dragon by his side, the boy, now a man, announced his name to the world. He was Medici, and his dragon Fury stood by his side.


Medici became one of the most powerful people in Europe, leaving the mark of Medici for all to see from the buildings to art, business, and economy, this man brought prosperity to the world thanks to hard work and the guidance from this gentle giant, Fury. The Medici family’s influence was far reaching with some of its most lasting contributions have been through commissioning artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.

By the early 1700s, the Medici name were cemented into history, and Fury’s work was complete so the dragon flew off. The power Fury had brought to the Medici family did not grow from force, but rather from a calm mind, kindness - and most of all – a clear vision f or leading to the future. What the boy had not realized when he first saw his reflection in the shimmering stone was that the vision was not ac tually his reflection, but rather the power of Fury giving him the sight to see himself as he could be, not as he was at that time.

Now, 700 years later, Fury has come back to the Medici family in Southlake, Texas, through the artistry of Dallas-based sculptor Brad Oldham and his talented team. Standing 28-feet tall with a 41-foot wingspan in brilliant stainless steel, Fury is a guide in this modern world, providing a rock of stability for all to see a clear vision for the future. One needs only to gaze onto the reflective surface of Fury to see the power of who they can become.

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