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Bloom Where You're Planted

Surprise, Arizona  |  Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, LED Lights  |  20' x 13' x 13'

The grandeur of the nearby White Tank Mountains along with the soulful rhythms of the expansive Sonoran Desert near the City of Surprise create a beautifully dissonant sensation that inspired artists Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin to celebrate the environment and the people who define this city in a 20-foot tall cactus sculpture. “Bloom Where You’re Planted” is a mirror-polished stainless steel majestic saguaro cactus that not only commands attention, but also honors the area’s natural origins. A cluster and ribbon of white blooms and green buds trail down the saguaro’s body to capture the cactus in its spring bloom, evoking a feeling of strength and new beginnings.


As a nod to Flora Statler, who founded Surprise, a kind-hearted lady on the backside of the cactus cups her hand to one ear as she invites the viewer to whisper their dreams, wishes, and secrets into her ear. Confidences shared will travel up the grand cactus, to be released into the night skies above Surprise through the twinkle lights within the cactus blooms.

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