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Birth of a City

Dallas, Texas  |  Lost-Wax Cast Bronze

Park Avenue: 6’ x 45’ x 6”   |  Young Street: 5’ x 15’ x 6”

The installation features iconic and lesser-known Dallas histories in each 6’ x 4’ sculpted panel, where the artists have expanded upon

a Dallas-based narrative told in a lost mural from the 1930s, when the block was originally built. This was a time when Dallas was transformed from a hardscrabble, parochial town to a cosmopolitan, international city. The overall narrative from the mid 1850 through the late 1930s tells of work, determination and coming together that strike a chord today in downtown Dallas.


The faces seen in the 60-linear-foot sculpture are a blend of famous and nameless people who worked each brought something special to this city’s story. Over the course of her forty years in Dallas, the self-made businesswoman in the chair singularly owned more than one-fourth of the land in Dallas and was one of Texas’ first millionaires. Robert Johnson recorded his last album on the block where this installation is today. There are hundreds of stories in this installation.

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